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Shedhalle Tübingen - Forum for Contemporary Arts

Call for Entries

Deadline: 3 September 2017 (12:00 noon CEST/UTC+2)

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GENERATE!° Festival for Electronic Arts 2017

Performance Weekend 20 and 21 October

Exhibition, Workshops and Supporting Programme from 20 October to 11 November



GENERATE!° addresses contemporary tendencies of art that are based on the interdisciplinary use of electronic media or on the application of digital technologies. GENERATE!° is especially interested in the interrelations between art, research, and technology against its sociopolitical background. Particular attention is put on works that are dedicated to the reflection on generative processes of production, their conditions and their respective algorithmically controlled outputs.

GENERATE!° as a comprehensive programmatic titel implies both the artistic-technical processes as well as the individual question about the possibilities to be creative. Thus, the festival intends to enable a creative and critical discourse regarding the aesthetical, sociopolitical, and economic conditions and effects that are caused by media and information technology of the 21st century. GENERATE!° seeks to explore and shape the ways and forms of aesthetic practice which promote and facilitate a critical and self-determined participation in these developments.

GENERATE! ° Festival for Electronic Arts takes place for the third time in changing conditions, following the two festivals of the previous years and in the succession of the light and video arts festival series 2010-2014 as well as several previous media arts festivals.

The three main elements of the festival are an exhibition section, a series of workshops and lectures, as well as a performance program, spread over several locations in the city, each with its own focus.

Notes on the open call


The festival consists of

  • a performance program
  • workshops and lectures
  • an exhibition

spread over several locations in the city between 20 October and 11 November.

Contributions are welcome from all genres and branches of art and beyond which are reflected in the outlined subject area of GENERATE!° Festival for Electronic Arts.

Workshops and site-specific works can already begin before the festival period and their process or results can be presented during the exhibition or festival.

For further information and details, the timetable, as well as the terms and conditions of entry and participation are convenient.

The application must be made via our online entry form.


Possible loose suggestions for contributions can be for example:

  • Connections of technology, science and art
  • Contributions from the field of artistic research
  • Questions about the importance of art and aesthetics in science and vice versa
  • Discussions on digital technologies, both as medium and topic of art
  • Discussions on the significance of digital technologies or scientific results for life and daily routine, and transformation in communication and perception
  • Contributions that find an unorthodox, fancy, misused handling of media and technology
  • Concrete contributions from the digital fields of generative art, parametrically developed sculptures, kinetic objects, interfaces, data visualization, sonifications, robotics, augmented and virtual reality projects, mapped architecture and sculpture projections, Internet-based art, etc.
  • Subversive game development
  • Contributions from the general fields of media, sound and video art
  • Proposals for light installations or mapping projects
  • Projects and interventions in the public space

  • As well as suggestions for workshops and thematic presentations or lectures
  • Experimental music contributions for the club and accompanying program are also to be submitted


Accompanying publications:

On the basis of the selected works, in addition to an accompanying festival booklet (details in the second part of the online entry form), audioguides will be produced for visitors and for broadcasting on local radio. As far as possible we ask for suitable materials. Before and during the festival, interviews with the participants are planned for this purpose. For the exhibition there is the possibility of guided tours by the artists. In the online entry form can be indicated whether it is of interest.



GENERATE!° Festival

Festival period: 20 October to 11 November 2017

Festival weekend / performance program: 20 and 21 October 2017 (Schlachthaus Club)

Period of the exhibition: 20 October to 11 November 2017 (Kulturhalle Tübingen, Shedhalle)
Workshop and lecture period: 20 October to 11 November 2017 (FabLab Tübingen, Kulturhalle, Shedhalle)

Performance program for the exhibition: 26 October to 11 November 2017 (Kulturhalle, Shedhalle, Löwenkino)

A part of the Shedhalle is available for individual larger installations as well as more extensive performances and workshops.

Festival preparatory workshops can begin before 20 October 2017.


Procedure and notification of the participants

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, 3 September 2017, 12:00 noon CEST / UTC+2.

The program group meets for the selection and thematic structuring directly afterwards and may, if necessary, answer directly to the contributors with questions.

Binding notification of the participants takes place no later than 10 September 2017.

The editorial deadline is 1 October 2017.


Set-up and disassembly

The set-up of the exhibition in Kulturhalle begins on 15 and ends no later than 19 October 2017.

The set-up in Shedhalle is already possible from the beginning of October.

The disassembly in Kulturhalle and Shedhalle is on 12 and 13 November 2017.

The set-up for the performance program at the festival weekend is on 19th and 20 October 2017. Individual performance preparations, soundchecks, etc. can also take place on the day of the event.

The disassembly will take place immediately after the event, at the latest on 22 October 2017.

Divergent arrangements are made according to individual agreements.


Venues can be visited at regular opening hours or by appointment. Photos and ground plans of the venues can be made available upon request.

Terms and conditions


  • The application has to be made via our online entry form by entering the required details (descriptions/concepts/photos/cv etc.).
  • No fees will be charged for the entry of submissions.
  • Artists, artists' groups or collectives, as well as organizations or third parties acting on behalf of the participant of the submission may submit.
  • Please read the open call, the schedule and the terms and conditions on this page before submitting. These must be approved at the end of the online entry form.
  • If, in addition to the electronic entry via our online form, a postal submission can not be avoided and a return is desired, please enclose a return-addressed and stamped envelope or a prepared package label.
  • For travel, transport, material and other expenses only a limited budget is available - arrangements are made by individual agreements.
  • Simple accommodation can be provided during the preparation and the festival (please make the details in the online form).
  • Technical equipment should be provided by your own as far as possible. Basic infrastructure will be provided, missing equipment we try to obtain upon individual arrangement.
  • Since we have only limited storage facilities and the next events follow, the exhibited works should be disassembled and collected as soon as possible after the festival/exhibition according to the timeline. Divergent arrangements can be made by individual agreements.
  • Any work to be returned by us, must be delivered/sent with appropriate packaging material.
  • By submitting the entry, the copyright owner agrees that the selected works, accompanying material and resulting documentation may be used for publications by GENERATE!°.
  • Works and equipment can on request be insured for the duration of the festival/exhibition. For this purpose, we need a detailed list of the contents to be insured. If necessary please note in the online form.
  • If you want to offer your work for sale, please indicate in the online form. In case of sale within the scope of GENERATE!°, we reserve a commission of 20% of the gross sales price.
  • Incomplete or late entries can not be considered. The deadline is Sunday, 3 September 2017, 12:00 noon CEST/UTC+2.
  • The selected submissions will be announced according to the timeline.

About us


Shedhalle Tübingen has created a forum for contemporary arts located in the former slaughterhouse quarter. Since its foundation in 2001 it realizes exhibitions, artist residencies, art festivals, concerts, workshops and experimental events with the participation of regional, national, and international artists, and links these with the local art scene.

Since February 2016, the Shedhalle is used as a temporary home for refugees. This gives us the opportunity to find new alternating locations for exhibitions and events in town and the surrounding region. The new guests, as artists in residence, are included in current projects. At the end of June 2017 a partial re-move-in of our non-profit art association in the Shedhalle began. An overview of the current program can be found at